Luxury french brand, Louis Vuitton is set to release an ad campaign on July 2nd commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. An homage to the astronauts that expanded our idea of what was possible. These ad’s are a part of the ‘Core Values’ campaign which in the past have included Keith Richards and Mikhail Gorbachev.


The only true Louis Vuitton staple present in the photo is the Icare bag, named after Greek mythological hero, Icarus. Although my guess is that Louis Vuitton is planning on also releasing a set of western wear styled clothing including the Denim Jacket worn by Jim Lovell and also the Rancher’s Jacket worn by Buzz Aldrin himself.


Watch the video HERE


Code-X Yacht

June 6, 2009


Code X is a swiss company that obviously excels in creating sleek and minimalistic high end luxury goods. One of those products being this yacht. 


2 x Ilmor marine combustion engines MV10-710

Configuration : 90 degree V 10
Horsepower : 2 x 710 HP
Torque : 882 Nm @ 4800 rpm
Full throttle rpm range: 5400 – 6300
Capacity: 2 x 8.3 liters
Performance: 90 kn
2 x electric engines

Getting from here to there by water in the most dream-like way possible, made possible to you by Code X.

Check out the other pictures HERE

Done With FINALS!

May 7, 2009



Yesterday at 7:30 marked the final exam in my University of Colorado at Boulder career. I’m gonna miss the fuck out of this place. Boulder is the only place that I’ve been to that you can see a homeless guy wearing rainbow overalls and a pimp hat with a feather in it and look across the street and see fake tanned blonde superficiality on their iphone. Boulder is a place I could see myself living when I grow older and it’s beauty is unmatched. It’s the type of experience where photographs do it no justice, a place where you can distinguish people FROM Colorado and people who have come to soak in it’s glory. It’s the melting pot of the west and anyone who has yet to see it should do so in their lifetime because nothing comes close to Colorado.


Boulder – We’ve had some great times, you’ve got me higher than I’ve been in my life altitude wise and drunk to the point I thought my liver was joking. I see why this school has both the reputation for one of the best Universities in accolades and academics, and also one of the most gorgeous campuses I’ve ever stood on. It wont be long until the graduating class final throws their caps and until the new pack of Spandex and UGG wearing freshmen girls are throwing up in Farrand Hall and having pictures posted on their Facebook of the whole thing in chronological order. 


This has been more than I could ask for over a year and now let’s hope I dont fail any classes.




So, Yves Saint Laurent has got together with Puma to release a Police Hi-Top, the shoes features a moccasin styled front with a thick heel. Last month they released a Grey and Black colorway. Available from CONCEPTS. Recently they released an all white version that is made of premium leather. Available soon



Upgrade your sock game with these calf and crew Brooks Brothers Black Fleece collection madras plaid socks, make your boring white Hanes socks jealous. Available now HERE

Paul Smith Deck Shoes

April 26, 2009


It’s officially the Spring/ Summer 09 collection when you see bright florescent colored deck shoes, these Paul Smith deck shoes are no different. Available in Lime Green, Orange, and Blue (not pictured) they are made of 100% Leather, contrary to their appearance of citrus fruit skins. 

They are available at Farfetch for $329.00.

“Ich Dont Think So”

April 3, 2009

In 2006 Sascha Baron Cohen released Borat, a film in which Cohen’s character aptly named Borat travels from his home country of Kazakhstan to find a better life and potentially make some money. Well Cohen is back in 2009 with Brüno another one of his characters made popular with his show Da Ali G Show.

Keep an eye peeled for Brüno, fully out in Jüly 2009.


Yves Saint Laurent commissioned Photographer Terry Richardson to shoot Russian model Anna Selezneva for YSL’s new fragrance “Elle Shocking”

Burberry Sport S/S 2009

March 30, 2009


What images do the words Featherweight, waterproof, and breathability bring to mind? Well if you were thinking of Burberry, it’d probably be Spring or New. Burberry introduces their relatively new Sports line which encompasses both featherweight and breathability by using performance enhanced fabrics without the need of syringes or a trip to Jose Canseco’s house. Nylons and Piqué grace this line with the ultra high quality and standard you would expect from Burberry. The line primarily consists of shorts, parkas and all things Spring weather requires to stay warm and dry while still managing to look classy.


The line will be available at all Burberry stores worldwide and at their online store sometime in the NEAR future. Keep your eyes peeled HERE

So this past week was mine and everyone else that attends school in Colorado, our Spring Break – That’s why there was no posting. Not that I had left Colorado to visit more palatial environments, but more to the point that I did as close to nothing as I could to stay alive and drunk for it’s entirety… What else is Spring Break for? Apologies to everyone that makes their living off this blog. But Im back in commission, seeing as that it’s been over my usual one day hiatus from WordPress. 


Without further a due. Im ready to get back down to posting. Hope no one missed me too substantially.