Burberry Sport S/S 2009

March 30, 2009


What images do the words Featherweight, waterproof, and breathability bring to mind? Well if you were thinking of Burberry, it’d probably be Spring or New. Burberry introduces their relatively new Sports line which encompasses both featherweight and breathability by using performance enhanced fabrics without the need of syringes or a trip to Jose Canseco’s house. Nylons and Piqué grace this line with the ultra high quality and standard you would expect from Burberry. The line primarily consists of shorts, parkas and all things Spring weather requires to stay warm and dry while still managing to look classy.


The line will be available at all Burberry stores worldwide and at their online store sometime in the NEAR future. Keep your eyes peeled HERE


So this past week was mine and everyone else that attends school in Colorado, our Spring Break – That’s why there was no posting. Not that I had left Colorado to visit more palatial environments, but more to the point that I did as close to nothing as I could to stay alive and drunk for it’s entirety… What else is Spring Break for? Apologies to everyone that makes their living off this blog. But Im back in commission, seeing as that it’s been over my usual one day hiatus from WordPress. 


Without further a due. Im ready to get back down to posting. Hope no one missed me too substantially. 




The Rosenbach Museum in Philadelphia, PA will be presenting There’s A Mystery There : Sendak on Sendak until May 6, 2009. The exhibition will include a number of watercolor paintings, pen and ink and manuscripts totaling over 300 pieces. Sendak is the author, illustrator, creator of the book Where the Wild Things Are, the kids television Little Bear. The Rosenbach will be introducing new pieces as the exhibit goes on over it’s 10 week stint. This marks the start of the National Summer 09 tour of the exhibit, dates to be announced.


Via : The Rosenbach Museum and Library



The world famous auction house, Sotheby’s has recreated Gianni Versace’s lavish Lake Como Villa. The designers collection is expected to gross in the range of 2 Million Euro or $2.6 Mil. Auction starts March 18th, today.

View the whole article HERE

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Word has come of another ‘Posthumous’ J Dilla CD with a date of June 2nd for set release. Titled ‘Jay Stay Paid’ the album is supposedly containing 25 unreleased tracks. Mixed and arranged by Pete Rock, other familiar faces on this album will be Black Thought, of The Roots and MF Doom. A few months back 11 unreleased tracks were released with the working title ‘Pay Jay’ and were apparently tracks that were given to MCA for release before Jay’s untimely death. Somehow I think these two are related, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see. 

Check out the whole article HERE

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DOOM – Batty Boyz

March 16, 2009



New Doom track, I guess ultimately it’s a song about gay boys. Either this shows Doom is held to no boundaries or that he can take any subject and craft a beat and make it work. 

Listen to the track HERE


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Chanel Perspex Briefcase

March 16, 2009



Chanel always has the unique appeal that keeps fashion flowing in a positive direction. Not to mention Karl Lagerfeld still leads Chanel’s artistic direction in a simple and clean way. This Briefcase seen at the last Chanel Fashion show in Paris which showcased Karl Lagerfeld’s black power suiting is making it’s public debut. The bag with enough slots to hold all those feminine necessities. A place for everything and everything in it’s place, thanks to Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel.

designdemoMy first attempt at fashion illustration. (Portfolio Requirement) This is just a sample drawing, didnt wanna fuck up my fresh pad. This is a freehand drawing, no tracing of a runway model to use as the outline, just my hand and my mind at work here.

Still in need of a skin-colored prismacolor for hands, face and legs. Dont judge it too hard. Also my colored pencils failed to come sharpened. I’ll post more when I get the appropriate tools. Enjoy for now


I also designed an Obama Nike but have been hesitant to post it. I didnt want Nike to get a hold of it and sue me. (It’s heat though, the few who have seen it can attest)


The guys over at Valet commissioned Richard Haines, fashion illustrator and blogger of ‘What I Saw Today’ to illustrate the Spring’s best looks. Ranging from Burberry Prorsum to Lanvin each look is as individualistic as Richard Haines himself, who has a similar feel to Quentin Blake renowned for the illustrations of Roald Dahl’s children’s stories. Using quick but sure sweeps of the pencil to differentiate strong lines from detailing. Definitely a cool take on standard fashion illustration.

Check out the rest of the collection HERE and you can scope out Richard Haines blog HERE


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Pocket watches are for conductors and classy gents, thankfully this specific watch falls into the latter of the two. Hermes adds that old fashion classical feel with this 18kt gold pocket watch with 43.5 mm casing, suspended from a leather strap that doesn’t take away from it, as do many chains. Completely with moonphases to keep track of all those New moons and crescents as the days tick by. This may be the most stylish pocket watch ever made, and being that’s it’s Hermes.. you know it’ll do its job and look good at it. 


Via : Selectism