Done With FINALS!

May 7, 2009



Yesterday at 7:30 marked the final exam in my University of Colorado at Boulder career. I’m gonna miss the fuck out of this place. Boulder is the only place that I’ve been to that you can see a homeless guy wearing rainbow overalls and a pimp hat with a feather in it and look across the street and see fake tanned blonde superficiality on their iphone. Boulder is a place I could see myself living when I grow older and it’s beauty is unmatched. It’s the type of experience where photographs do it no justice, a place where you can distinguish people FROM Colorado and people who have come to soak in it’s glory. It’s the melting pot of the west and anyone who has yet to see it should do so in their lifetime because nothing comes close to Colorado.


Boulder – We’ve had some great times, you’ve got me higher than I’ve been in my life altitude wise and drunk to the point I thought my liver was joking. I see why this school has both the reputation for one of the best Universities in accolades and academics, and also one of the most gorgeous campuses I’ve ever stood on. It wont be long until the graduating class final throws their caps and until the new pack of Spandex and UGG wearing freshmen girls are throwing up in Farrand Hall and having pictures posted on their Facebook of the whole thing in chronological order. 


This has been more than I could ask for over a year and now let’s hope I dont fail any classes.



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