Luxury french brand, Louis Vuitton is set to release an ad campaign on July 2nd commemorating the 40th Anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing. An homage to the astronauts that expanded our idea of what was possible. These ad’s are a part of the ‘Core Values’ campaign which in the past have included Keith Richards and Mikhail Gorbachev.


The only true Louis Vuitton staple present in the photo is the Icare bag, named after Greek mythological hero, Icarus. Although my guess is that Louis Vuitton is planning on also releasing a set of western wear styled clothing including the Denim Jacket worn by Jim Lovell and also the Rancher’s Jacket worn by Buzz Aldrin himself.


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Burberry Sport S/S 2009

March 30, 2009


What images do the words Featherweight, waterproof, and breathability bring to mind? Well if you were thinking of Burberry, it’d probably be Spring or New. Burberry introduces their relatively new Sports line which encompasses both featherweight and breathability by using performance enhanced fabrics without the need of syringes or a trip to Jose Canseco’s house. Nylons and Piqué grace this line with the ultra high quality and standard you would expect from Burberry. The line primarily consists of shorts, parkas and all things Spring weather requires to stay warm and dry while still managing to look classy.


The line will be available at all Burberry stores worldwide and at their online store sometime in the NEAR future. Keep your eyes peeled HERE


The guys over at Valet commissioned Richard Haines, fashion illustrator and blogger of ‘What I Saw Today’ to illustrate the Spring’s best looks. Ranging from Burberry Prorsum to Lanvin each look is as individualistic as Richard Haines himself, who has a similar feel to Quentin Blake renowned for the illustrations of Roald Dahl’s children’s stories. Using quick but sure sweeps of the pencil to differentiate strong lines from detailing. Definitely a cool take on standard fashion illustration.

Check out the rest of the collection HERE and you can scope out Richard Haines blog HERE


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Pocket watches are for conductors and classy gents, thankfully this specific watch falls into the latter of the two. Hermes adds that old fashion classical feel with this 18kt gold pocket watch with 43.5 mm casing, suspended from a leather strap that doesn’t take away from it, as do many chains. Completely with moonphases to keep track of all those New moons and crescents as the days tick by. This may be the most stylish pocket watch ever made, and being that’s it’s Hermes.. you know it’ll do its job and look good at it. 


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Once again Raf Simons lends his expertise to Fred Perry. Fred Perry works up a footwear lineup to compliment their apparel collaborations alongside the Belgian fashion designer. Part of the Spring/Summer 2009 offerings, available in two tonal (red and black) color choices to top off the traditional tassel shoe laces. Look for these to release at select Fred Perry retailers soon. These are filed under, things to buy list.


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